1. Avoid washing your clothes too much:

Not only will you save water *Brownie points!!* but you’ll also have long lasting clothes.

What you can do instead is, wear them more than once before you throw it for a wash. Remember to use Eco-Friendly detergents and TRY to wash your clothes by hand. 

Pro tip: Dry your clothes naturally instead of using a dryer. (Clothes last longer when you hang them out to dry, because there’s less wear and tear than when you use a dryer)

Fact check: Laundering accounts for 60-80 % of a garment’s total environment impact.

2. Avoid fabrics that use micro fibers:

By doing this, you’re helping the oceans. Microfibers are one of the main causes of plastic pollution in the oceans. Some fabrics that have microfibers are Nylon, Polyester, Polyamides. So instead, go for Organic Cotton, Linen, Hemp etc.

Pro tip: Visit our website www.ethicalfashionistas.com or skim through our instagram-feed to find Organic clothes! 

Fact check: Synthetic materials shed Microfibers!

3. Avoid throwing your clothes away:

This is how it works; you throw your clothes > you splurge on new clothes > repeat. Fast fashion outlets make loads of money by making you think you need to buy clothes constantly to keep up with the “trends”.  Let’s avoid doing that. Instead, invest in long lasting, ethical, timeless pieces that you’ll love. 

Pro tip: DIY your clothes and turn them into brand new clothes OR donate your clothes.

Fact check: Clothes thrown into the bin end up in landfills or are incinerated.

4. Avoid Quantity:

We all know the saying “quality over quantity” and this is where we put it to use. It’s better to spend more money on long lasting clothing than to buy a cheaper product twice in the same time-span. It’s time to shop smart by shopping sustainably. 

Pro tip: Let’s imagine we’re at the mall, and you see oodles of clothing you like. What do you do? You stop and think if you REALLY need ALL those clothes.

 Fact check: Investing in quality clothing will drastically reduce your carbon footprint.

5. Avoid fast fashion brands:

Yes it’s hard to resist a brand you’ve always shopped from. But the one thing you MUST avoid is shopping from them. Fast Fashion brands are quick to copy the latest trends seen on the runway or worn by celebrities. Their workers are paid unfair wages. Would you rather support a business that supports not only the environment but also the people who work for them OR support a business that doesn’t care about anything except for profits? Now it’s up to you to decide.

Pro tip: Unfollow influencers who promote fast fashion and follow influencers who promote sustainability.

Fact check: Fast Fashion causes Environmental Damage.

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