About Us

A word from our CEO

“The world of fast fashion is constantly changing and thus effecting majorly the environment. Ethical Fashionistas is my take on fashion that would restore the slow fashion where the quality of the clothes and sustainability are the most opportune at serving an ideal purpose towards the nature and us.”

– Francesca Corbelli.

Welcome to Ethical Fashionistas.

The place where ethics meet aesthetics creating the perfect sustainable fashion.

Ethical Fashionistas is a collective result of a lifetime experiences and three years of extensive research during which we have learned and reasoned the advantages of organic clothing. 

We at Ethical Fashionistas are known for our classic take on the clothes made up of organic cotton and tencel fabric. The material is procured from the sustainably grown fiber crops and recycled materials that ensure minimal wastage. The products are the best for eco friendly lovers who’d like to maintain chic and elegant fashion. The clothes are unique with handmade patterns and lasts longer. They are never out of fashion and these evergreen products help us to bring the slow fashion back to trend. As the material is organic and pesticide-free it reassures your safety or exposure to toxic materials that are usually used in other types of clothing. The sustainable production method helps you reduce water consumption and waste production. Sustainable fashion need not necessarily be expensive or boring. You can explore all your options in choosing the material of your choice, the designs, and patterns from many options from our website. We provide readymade garments that helps our customers.